Maintain A Hands-On Ministry

Efficient delegation is an important element of contemporary ministry; hands-on ministry is decreasing. Without question, a congregation is healthier spiritually when a Pastor shares ministry with church members. This useful trend means that empowering the laity increases their spiritual development, and more work gets done. However, all ministry cannot be delegated to others. No Pastor can fully bloom and grow when he only manages and assigns ministry to others. He, himself, must take up the towel and the basin. He does not need to do all the ministry, nor can he, but he must do some of it. A Pastor forfeits a keen ingredient of ministry when he no longer ministers to others on a regular basis. He gives up a spiritually satisfying bond between Pastor and parishioner that is not available in any other way. This essential connection is among the most satisfying motivations for being a Pastor. Such commitment to a Pastor’s personal involvement does not deny service opportunities to others. It simply means the Pastor must keep in touch or he will be unfulfilled and out of sync.

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