We Need A Divine Helping Hand

Playing the Pastoral perfection game usually leads to a miserably shallow ministry. Without intending to do so, many Pastors create a fantasy of who they are, what their church can be, and how important they are to the congregation. As a result, they take up permanent residency in their mind on Main Street in Make Believe, USA. No Pastor even comes close to being perfect in his performance of ministry. And so, it is not in being perfect, but in striving for competence. Although rarely discussed, this issue of presumed competence may be among the most compelling problems in the contemporary Church. No matter how favorably educated or fervently zealous, no Pastor is qualified enough, insightful enough or talented enough to do effective ministry without the energizing enablement of the Holy Ghost. Rather than being paralyzed by his faults, a Pastor must acknowledge them and push ahead in spite of them. Fortunately, the job makes the person in the ministry even more than the person makes the job. Weaknesses can be forged into strengths. But facing and correcting weaknesses helps keep Pastors effective. Sadly, too much ministry is attempted in human strength alone, and it goes nowhere. But supernatural resources are promised to those who seek and use them. God chooses to use people who depend on Him. The Apostle Paul candidly rejoiced in the fact that ministry was essentially impossible for him without divine enablement. And the same is true for us.

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